4´56´´    2009
Harlech, Wales

F: Hi Petra.
P: Hi Fernando.
   How are you?
F: I am working for my next exhibition.
P: I finished the Video I made with you and I have a question.
    What means “fight” for you?
F: If you want something and you have to work very hard for it.
   The other man is like a mirror – it is a fight against yourself.
   Life is a fight.
P: You wear an apron in the Video. What means this?
F: I feel like to have a body of a woman.
   I feel like a man with family.
   I feel I have to change the instinct.
   I was fighting for a different thing.
P: Maybe men should wear more often aprons?
F: Yes!
P: Thank you Fernando!
F: De nada! Bye Petra.